The Baby Dragon of Vesuvius

Kate Books

A Baby Dragon is hatched in a cave on a huge volcano. He is a grey colour which surprises his family of red dragons. Can you guess how he eventually … Read More

The Winter Dog

John Holliss Books

“The freezing cold water swept over his face and filled him with terror. He tried to shout, but his voice disappeared as he swallowed another mouthful of water. He gasped … Read More

Gregory and the Green Dragon

John Holliss Books

‘The dragon gave a loud roar of pain and let go of the Wolfhound. They were still flying high above the Castle, when Rufus began his long fall. Gregory could … Read More

Gregory and the Green Eye of the Saracen

simplyshaun Books

Gregory lives in a castle in 13th Century England and it is mid-winter when he faces his next challenge. An evil force is intent on stealing the ‘Green Eye of the Saracen’ – a priceless emerald entrusted to Gregory’s grandfather, by a Saracen lord.

Gregory & The Green Knight

simplyshaun Books

It is early in the 13th Century. Gregory, the son of one of England’s most important earls, lives in a castle in the north of England. Together with his faithful companion Rufus