The Winter Dog – Supporting Aid

                                 The Winter Dog – Supporting Aid Feel free to use the questions straight from the page below. Or alternatively you can download the PDF to use them at your … Read More

The Winter Dog – Chapter One

Chapter 1 The Wounded Dog Callum trudged home through the thick snow. It was late December. It wasn’t fair that he had been made to go to school that day, … Read More

Meet M.C. Holliss

Margaret Holliss is a writer, poet and author of the ‘Gregory Adventures’, a series of children’s paperbacks. A qualified teacher, Margaret has spent the last ten years researching, writing, and … Read More

Ellen and the King -Chapter One

Chapter 1 – The Dream Ellen woke up suddenly. She could hear the noise of the wind in the rafters, above her head and again felt that heavy presence, watching, … Read More

Magical History Stories Events

Welcome to the Magical History Stories Events page. This is the place to find out all about our events, book signings, special appearances, interviews and any other exciting visits we … Read More

Our YouTube channel is here!

Our YouTube channel is here and now up and running! Please check out our trailers. We will use this channel for book trailers, event footage and other future projects. It’s … Read More

Meet the Baby Dragon and his Family

Meet the Baby Dragon and his family. As the Baby Dragon adventures continue we’ll be adding more for you to explore! If there’s anything else you’d like to know, just … Read More