Meet M.C. Holliss

Margaret Holliss is a writer, poet and author of the ‘Gregory Adventures’, a series of children’s paperbacks.

A qualified teacher, Margaret has spent the last ten years researching, writing, and publishing children’s history and adventure books.

History! History! History!

Margaret’s love of it began at just two years old! Whilst visiting Edinburgh, her Scottish Grandad would take her to see the amazing historic sights of that wonderful city.

Her career began as an infant and junior teacher in Staffordshire.  Following a move to Yorkshire with her husband and two daughters, she continued her love of teaching, before changing her career and forming an events-management company. During that time, she began writing stories and poems for children, inspired by the arrival of grandchildren.

Her first book ‘Gregory and the Green Knight’ was published in 2017. Since then, she has published a further six exciting books and is currently writing three more.

Her early childhood memories are filled with magical adventures, including playing with imaginary friends and a fascination with British history, which has been a wonderful inspiration for her action-packed historical books, to teach, learn and enjoy.  

Margaret’s hobbies include travelling, music, theatre and reading.

She has never lost her passion for sharing knowledge of history with children, by encouraging them to read and develop their own imagination and love for the subject.   

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