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Magical History Stories has just published its fourth childrens’ book ‘The Winter Dog’. It is set in Scotland in the early 1800’s and follows the adventures of a young boy called Callum and an unusual ‘dog’.

This follows three ‘Gregory Adventures’ books, the first in November last year, titled ‘Gregory and the Green Knight’.

Books two and three of the series ‘Gregory and the Green Eye of the Saracen’ and ‘Gregory and the Green Dragon’ were published earlier this year.

Book four, ‘Gregory and the Sand Dragons’ continues his adventures and is scheduled for release next year.

Meanwhile, work has begun on a new book called ‘Ellen and the Bear’, set in an English industrial town in the late 19th century and follows the adventures of Ellen.

We are also working on a childrens picture book for the very young. This is about a baby dragon who is hatched on a volcano!!

Full details of the published books and further news on those coming up, can be found on our ‘Books’ and ‘News’ pages.

All our books are aimed at encouraging children to develop their love of reading, so please let us know what you think of them and also what you think of our website. You can email us from our Contact page.