Magical History Stories have been taking steps to become more accessible to everyone. We have recently teamed up with Sarah Bramham, a tutor who specialises in SEND services. You can find out about Sarah, and how to contact her simply by clicking her name (above).

Sarah has been guiding our own Sarah, Sarah Earl, on how we can make our books more accessible for those who have reading difficulties, especially for anyone with dyslexia.

One of our main aims here at Magical History Stories is to get more children interested and excited about reading. This won’t be easy if someone is struggling to read in the first place, or if they feel they’ll never be able to read. t can be incredibly frustrating, and although we can’t work miracles, we definitely want to make the journey a little easier for everyone!

Our book, ‘The Winter Dog’ is specially adapted with a clearer and larger font, and is printed on cream paper, opposed to white. This enables the text to stand out more, making it easier, for some, to read.

We have also collated a set of questions to go with each chapter throughout the book to make this a great tool when working with those with reading difficulties or dyslexia. Sarah Branham has already being using The Winter Dog, along with the supporting questions, with her students and believes it is making a huge difference.

As this format is highly praised and recommended by Sarah we will now be working towards making all books at Magical History Stories accessible to all.

The Winter Dog is available from Amazon. The supporting questions can be accessed via our website at the following link, or by using the QR code at the back of the book.