Coming Soon! Ellen and the King

Coming soon… Ellen and the King.

Ellen and the King

‘Terrified, the girls huddled together as smoke started to seep up through the floorboards. Trying not to cough in case they gave themselves away, they could hear loud shouts and jeers from the troopers in the yard below. ‘Unless we can get through this window, I fear we may be done for,’ whispered Ellen, as the smoke began to catch in her throat. ‘We’ll be finished anyway if the troopers capture us,’ replied Charlotte.

Ellen spends her days in the same old routine; she gets up early, goes to work at the mill, then to school, before spending her afternoons back at the mill. This is fairly commonplace for 19th century Cheshire and any exciting adventures are few and far between… that is until Ellen is suddenly transported back in time to the 16th Century. Before she even has the opportunity to understand what has happened, she’s thrown into a mission of the utmost importance!

We’re very excited to share the latest story from Magical History Stories.

Join Ellen and her new friend, Charlotte, as they go up against the most terrible dangers and shocking betrayals!

‘The Ellen Adventures’ is the latest collection to come from Magical History Stories. Find out more about Ellen and Charlotte here.

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